Tax law

We provide legal support to our clients on all aspects of tax law, including

  • Income taxation
  • Inheritance taxation
  • M & A taxation
  • Real estate taxation

Our expert advice on tax issues takes account of all current developments in taxation and guarantees the full compliance with the current tax legislation and case law of Greek Courts.

Tourist Law

T & Β Greek Lawyers and Partners provide a wide range of legal services in the sector of tourism and tourist investments.

We deal with issues regarding:

  • European tourist projects
  • Tourist industry
  • Taxation of tourist business
  • Tourist contracts (time-sharing, allotment)
Energy and environmental law

Today Greece follows a coordinated energy policy, which wishes to become a strong diplomatic and negotiation tool for the country.  Renewable sources can contribute to the reduction of energy dependence of Greece, to technological development, as well as to establishment of new employment opportunities. They can also contribute significantly to the global fight against climatic changes.

T &Β Greek Lawyers and Partners offer accurate and practical legal advice to investors who intend to engage in the sector of renewable sources. Our expert advice covers a range of issues, including environmental, regulatory, construction and property, corporate and intellectual property matters.

Debt collection

T & Β Greek Lawyers and Partners provide in-court or out-of-court debt collection services following all legitimate procedures. We assess each debt in great detail before deciding what course of action we will take. As each case is unique, the type of action is based on certain criteria such as the amount of the debt, the profile of the debtor and his general financial condition. As we are extremely experienced in this sector having worked with large bank organizations for many years, our clients may rest assured that our debt collection methods will be most effective. 
Indicative actions:

  • Investigations of the debtor’s assets
  • Telephone calls and letters
  • Court/Litigation Proceedings
  • Issuance of European Order for payment
  • Confiscation measures
  • Bailiff Services
  • Submission of Bankruptcy petition.
Contract law

T & Β Greek Lawyers and Partners offer legal advice in Contract Law including negotiations, formation of a Contract, provision of special terms, limitation of liability, exclusions and remedies providing documents that meet your needs, while they comply perfectly with the law. A few examples:

  • Engagement letters
  • Exclusive Dealership agreements, agency and distribution agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements and many more.